How to add $ balance in your Facebook Account for Facebook Page / Post Boosting

How to add $ balance in your Facebook account so that you can boost your page, post or start your own digital marketing business yourself. Lets start.

As we are going to add $ balance in Facebook account, login in Facebook and go to settings page by click small drop down icon located at top right corner of your page. In settings page left menu list, find Payments option and click on it. Now you can see the Payment History, Account Settings and Ads Billing option on top, Click in Ads Billing. In Ads Billing page, you can see all the transaction done before listed. As you can see there is no balance left in my account. We are going to add $ balance in it. For that, click in Payment Settings. This is main page where we can add balance, cards, coupons in Facebook account. Click in Add Money button. You can see, I have already added 2 master cards for balance top up. For adding Credit card or Debit card, choose the Credit or Debit Card option where you can add your card holder name, card number and all details. If you have Facebook Ad coupon, you can choose Facebook Ad Coupon. Lets add some fund in my account with my first card. For now, lets add 50$ in my account. And process for the Review Payment. Facebook check the balance available or not in your card. Yes, I do have balance in my card. Click in Make Payment button. OK Its Done. Its says Thank You. Money has been added to your account. Now lets refresh the page. OK now its showing 50$ in my account. In this way we can add $ balance in your Facebook account which you can use to boost your Facebook page for increasing likes in page, Boost the post to sale goods online. Also you can start your own Digital Marketing business mean you can boost clients Facebook page or post as well for which you should be advertiser of the clients Facebook page.