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Digital Marketing is best way to do marketing in current era for the best output. Facebook, Instagram are the most popular place for digital marketing. Can do place our ads in Facebook and Instagram in few (Min $1 for a day) budget which to reach our ads to 1000 to 5000 peoples. For boosting our ads in social media like Facebook or Instagram, we need to integrate our Credit card or PayPal or Facebook Coupon.

What if we dont have online payment gateway?

We can boost our Facebook page or post even we dont have payment method. We have to find someone or company who have online payment cards. We have to assign him/her as Advertiser or Editor or Admin who have payment gateway like Credit Card, PayPal of your Facebook page so that he/she can boost your page or post as per your requirement. I would like to suggest to assign Advertiser or Editor. If you assign as Admin, he/she have full privileges which may be risk of losing your page access.

Lets Start!!

You are the admin of your page so first up all you have to login in Facebook using your email or phone and Password.

facebook login

After successfully login in your Facebook page, search your page in top left corner like Im admin of page perfect digital marketing.

Facebook page

Open your page as I did for my page. In left side of page, you can find Settings in your page. Click in Settings.

setting Facebook

Settings panel open and in left side you can find Page Roles Menu. Click in Page Roles Menu.

Facebook Role

It will open Page Roles section where you have to name or email of the person to whom you want to assign as advertiser.  We can assign more than one person as advertiser as well.

After assigning as advertiser to someone, he will get notification on his/her Facebook account where he/she has to accept it. As soon as accepting as advertiser, Boost button will appear from where he/she can boost the page as per your requirement.

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