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Welcome to Master2Teach. This website is all about learning step by step and doing a Master's to Teach others as professionals. On this site, you can find all types of learning material related to IT (Information Technology), Non-IT, Management, Health, English, Online Exams guide and practice on AWS, Software Engineering, Agile, Scrum, Digital Marketing, Problem Solving, Questions and Answers, and many more. We will make related videos as well to understand more clearly so that you can be a Master to Teach others. For YouTube videos, you can click on the YouTube icon below.

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Software Engineering

To estimate cost of the project is one of the most challenging jobs for the Software Engineer. One of the best ways to calculate the cost of the project is COCOMO. COCOMO stands for the Constructive Cost Model. It is a Constructive Cost Model which is totally base on LOC…

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Digital Marketing

How to add $ balance in your Facebook account so that you can boost your page, post or start your own digital marketing business yourself. As we are going to add $ balance in Facebook account, …