Free Domain Registration & Free Hosting for your Website

Website is composing of two parts, one is "Domain Name" and another is "Hosting" (Server where we place our code, files, folders, images, databases, etc. of our site). In this tutorial, you will get to learn how to register the domain name as well as how to host the site in live totally free of cost. Master2Teach Step By Step Guide On:

  1. How to check your domain name available or not
  2. How to register any .np domain name like,,
  3. How to host your site

Nepal government had assign Mercantile Communications as official .np Domain register of Nepal. For the free Domain Registration and hosting your site, for your own ( or for your organization (,, or for your clients (,, follow step by step guide below. If you have any further question regarding .np domain name registration and free hosting please feel free to contact

STEP 1: Open your browser and type
oYou will get Check domain availability.

STEP 2: Type the domain name that you want to register and choose the required domain suffix from the drop-down list (,,, etc).
Note: if you are going to register for your personal domain, the domain name should be similar to your Nepal Citizenship. If you are going to registering the domain for the organization, the domain name should be similar to the name of the organization register in the Nepal Government.

STEP 3: If your required domain name is available to register, you will get the following message in the light green background color.
Congratulations! is available. Click "Register now" for further process.

STEP 4: Click in Register Now Button
If you are a new user and have not registered any domain before, you need to register with your Full Name, Email and Password. After registration, you can login with your email and password.

STEP 5: Fill out the form

  1. Name Server: Name servers are specialized server on the Internet that handles queries or questions from your local computer, about the location of a domain names various services.
    There are lots of hosting companies paid as well as free hosting providers.
    Paid: Namecheap, Hostgrator, Whois, Godaddy, etc
    Free: 0fees, 000webhost, Infinityfree etc.
    Since we are going to use free hosting, we prefer infinityfree hosting. For that we have to provide the NS1 and NS2 details in Name Server section as following:
    Primary Name Server:
    Secondary Name Server:
  2. Administrative contact: Administrative contact is the primary contact address of the domain owner that included Full Name, Country Name, City, Address, Telephone, Organization Name, Province / State, Post box, Email, Mobile, etc.
  3. Technical contact: Can be similar to Administrative contact but in some case, you can have alternative contact address other than administrative contact.

STEP 7: After filling all the required information, "Click Save & Continue"

STEP 8: Now you need to send the documents to verify that you are a Nepali citizen or your organization is registered in Nepal Government. For the individual, need to upload the scan copy of citizenship and application letter in the subject - regarding domain registration to Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. Whereas if you are requesting domain for the organization, you need to submit a scan copy of Company Registration Certificate, PAN or VAT Certificate and Application Letter in company letterhead pad to Mercantile as above for the individual.

STEP 6: Once the registration process is completed, your application will be verified by Host-Master from the Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. who is the only one registrar of country Nepal. Host-Master will take one-two working days to verify all the information and documents that you have uploaded. If all information and details are correct and fine, Mercantile will send you an email regarding your domain status, whether your domain is approved or not.